Myths and Legends

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The tattoo culture, as any self-respecting culture, has its own hierarchy and set of myths and legends. The purpose of this blog is to disprove some of the myths blighting professional laser tattoo removal.                                                               

You have a tattoo that is legendary….. You know this because it was tattooed by a legend and it’s worn by a legend – YOU.                                             



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Let’s start with the tattoo legends, the great tattoo artists who spend hours in their tattoo shops crafting their imaginatively artistic ideas into tattoo designs and tattooing them onto their adoring fans. Some of these fans have had to wait in excess of a year in some cases to sit before the altar of the artist and be inked with a lasting memorial from the legendary tattooer.

The end result is resplendent in its skin-canvas and much hailed and admired by onlookers and its owner. It is treasured, cherished and adored and shown off at every possible opportunity. It is loved dearly, like a pet or a child. It has magical powers that can give its owner newly-found confidence and manifest new friends and social circles. It elevates social status and is the envy of peers, adding a layer of intrigue to its owner.  This is what tattoo legend is about; longevity, bravery, fame, idealism, belonging and achievement.                                       


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And then, just like a flash of lightning, news that your legendary treasured ink has been derided by fashion or worse, the fickle finger of fate turns your cherished inking into an embarrassment overnight. What are you going to do?  You think about getting it removed but then you hear the myths. Ohhh those myths:


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Myth 1 “A tattoo is permanent” hahaha hahaha hahaha.

Myth 2 “You can’t get rid of colour” (is a personal favourite). This is so not true. Lasers built to target black ink (and black ink only) cannot treat colours it’s true. But, professional, medical grade photo-dynamic lasers (as used at Tattoo Liberation) treat all colours quickly and effectively - even faster than black.

Myth 3 “You get scarred” is incorrect but, sadly this has been the case for many. Tattoo shops (and amateur laser tattoo removal clinics) which have thermal lasers apply heat directly to the skin and burn the epidermis sometimes causing major burns and blistering (not surprisingly) which lead to scarring. At Tattoo Liberation we only ever use a safe photo-dynamic laser which does not produce any heat and therefore, cannot cause burns.

Myth 4 “It’s more painful than being tattooed” is also not true. It’s a completely different sensation and lasts only a tiny fraction of the time it takes to get a tattoo. It’s a bit like being splashed by a tiny drop of hot oil or pricked with a pin. Professional aesthetic therapists prepare the skin before treatment and allow time in between each shot unlike the people on TV documentaries who use the laser wand as if it were a tattoo machine and torture people so they become quivering adrenaline-pumping wrecks. There’s absolutely no need for that kind of treatment – it just makes for good television, that’s all.

Myth 5 “It’s really expensive” is sometimes true if you go to a remover who has a very expensive American laser in a very expensive skin clinic.  At Tattoo Liberation our prices are in line with the amateur thermal laser removers’ prices. The only difference here, is that you get a safe, photo-dynamic, professional, fully-qualified service with a medical grade laser (as used by the NHS for photo-dynamic surgery) for the same price as an unqualified thermal one.

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So, you have choices; you can have proper photo-dynamic laser removal treatment at Tattoo Liberation and be scar-free and tattoo-free; you can have a cover-up which will be at least 4 times bigger, or, you can keep your once-loved but no longer required tattoo and remain a legend but in the privacy of your own bathroom.





Whichever one you choose, please don’t believe the rubbish that’s out there.


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