Should the treatment leave your skin with redness or swelling it is advisable to put a cool water compress on the area (a piece of cotton wool or old-fashioned lint run under the tap for a few seconds should suffice). The redness or swelling will reduce after a few minutes. This can be repeated if necessary.

It is normal for there to be blistering to the treated area directly after your treatment. Do not worry if this appears as it will heal but you should not burst it, just leave it to heal naturally. Similarly, if your blister forms a scab you should not pick this off but leave it alone to heal naturally. Picking scabs causes scarring.

You should not expose the treated area to any possible risk of infection within 24 hours of treatment, so do not go swimming or visit the gym (as the skin's pores will be opened and susceptible to infection). For this reason also, you should not visit a sauna or steam room for 24 hours.