Tattoo Liberation is based in Dunsvile, Doncaster. We are easily accessible from junction 4 of the M18 and also the A18 Doncaster to Thorne road.

Is your tattoo or pigmented skin distressing you? 

Do you want to be happy in your own skin?

We can help…..

We know how to treat you properly - unlike some of those frightening TV tattoo shows you may have seen! We take great care of you to ensure that your treatment is as comfortable as possible by using various methods to numb the skin and reduce nerve sensation.

We are experts at pigment and tattoo removal, we have the highest laser qualifications, knowledge and experience and we have the best laser equipment in the country to remove all tattoo colours and (most) skin pigmentation marks. And we do it without burning or scarring your skin. 

Tattoo Liberation is not a beauty parlour, skin clinic or tattoo studio doing a bit of tattoo removal on the side. It is a dedicated pigment removal studio. 

Tattoo and pigment removal is the only thing we do.

So whether you would like to have your tattoo removed completely or just faded, or some pigmentation marks removed, come to Tattoo Liberation, we can do all this for you so you no longer need to worry about it. It's what we do!

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