Semi-permanent make-up removal

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With the rise in popularity of microblading and semi-permanent make-up (having eyebrows and lip-liner tattooed) there has, inevitably been an increase in the number of people feeling unhappy with the end result.  An article from the Daily Mail in 2013 tells the stories of two women who didn’t get the treatment they expected from beauty therapists whose skills and qualifications were suspect, to say the least.

One woman tells how she sought and received semi-permanent make-up laser removal treatment. She was lucky but, to those with knowledge of lasers and how they work, it’s glaringly obvious that this method of removal is likely to cause far worse long-lasting damage than a few misplaced strokes of ink.

Without being too technical, the laser most commonly used in this country to remove tattoo pigment is a type called an Nd:YAG. These lasers deliver the light beam on either a thermal platform or a photo-dynamic platform. The technology in a photo-dynamic laser is far more complicated than that of a thermal laser and is therefore vastly more expensive than the thermal laser. Needless to say, the most common type of laser in use in this country is the thermal Nd:YAG which can cost as little as £300. Photo-dynamic lasers cost upwards of £50,000.

The thermal platform laser delivers the light beam with the vehicle of heat which burns the skin and the pigment. Not surprisingly, the treatments create burn wounds and multiple treatments cause multiple burns which ultimately result in scarring. Furthermore, thermal lasers are used for hair reduction as they are excellent at drying out the moisture in hair roots and disabling them, causing them to lose the ability to regrow hair.

The photo-dynamic platform laser delivers the light beam with the vehicle of high-powered energy to smash the pigment (not burn it). Consequently, there is no heat to burn the skin and therefore, no burn wounds after multiple treatments. Photo-dynamic Nd:YAG lasers are not used for hair reduction as their function is to smash pigment and menalin, not burn. So, they cannot cause damage to hair roots. 

If you’re sourcing a laser tattoo remover for your semi-permanent make-up removal or tattoo, it’s vital that you establish whether your remover has a thermal Nd:YAG laser or a photo-dynamic Nd:YAG laser. Or, you could be facing bald scarred skin where you once had eyebrows.

Tattoo Liberation has the only photo-dynamic Nd:YAG laser in Doncaster and a history of removing tattoos and badly applied semi-permanent make-up, not brow hairs.

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