Semi permanent make-up

Eyebrow tattoos and lip liner tattoos

If you have had eyebrow or lip liner tattoos which you are no longer happy with, then we are able to help remove them.

However, you need to be aware that very often in the early stages of treating semi-permanent tattoo pigment there is a "colour shift", which means that the tattoo can actually get darker, e.g. brown goes to near black. Although this is obviously quite disconcerting for you, it is quite normal and does not mean that the tattoo won't eventually be removed. You just need to be prepared to live through this stage of the removal process and perhaps wear more lipstick than usual.





As you can see with the eyebrows, the overall shapes have changed. Removing the new ink gives you the opportunity to revert back to your natural look.

Because we use a photo-dynamic laser, you won't lose your brow hair - but the treated hair will lose it's colour. In the top brow picture you will see a small white square in the middle of the brow. This is a patch test sqaure and if you look closely you will see that the dark hairs have turned white. They will return to their usual colour when they regrow but for the duration of the treatment they will remain white. So, as with the lips, they will need to be coloured until the treatment has finished.