Why Should I Pay For A Consultation?

Why Should I Pay For a Consultation?



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None of us like paying when we don’t have to. But sometimes there’s a few good reasons why you should be happy to pay for a consultation.


A consultation is a two-way exchange.  It’s your opportunity for you to check out what you’re getting and if the therapist and their service is right for you. You will be able to see if they are


·       Qualified

·       Professional

·       Personable

·       Compliant

·       Experienced

·       Have the right equipment

·       Able to fulfil your expectation

·       Able to answer your questions knowledgeably and satisfactorily


The professional will give you confidence to know that


·       Your body is suitable for treatment

·       You will not suffer any ill-effects or detriment from the treatment

·       You will not be putting yourself at risk while you are being treated

·       You are receiving the best possible treatment and service

·       They know exactly what to do should things go wrong

·       They can give you further advice/knowledge

·       They can handle any unprecedented/unusual outcome



You might be wondering why you’re the one who has to pay for this time. Well the reason is, professional service providers are very serious about what they do and there is a lot of expense involved in providing the service to you safely, hygienically and professionally.

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A professional would have spent a long time studying their craft, gaining qualifications and experience and will be committed to what they do and be passionate about it. They will also be aware of all the changes, recent innovations and legal requirements in their industry unlike the amateurs who are only interested in making money and have no access to professional bodies.


Here’s just a few costs they have had to and regularly incur.


·       Qualifying  -                                                               cost thousands

·       Equipment -                                                               costs tens of thousands

·       Insurances -                                                                costs thousands each year

·       Continuing Professional Development -                   costs hundreds each year


So, you are paying for their knowledge and experience which ultimately provides the best treatment plan and outcome for you. It’s literally the start of the treatment programme. Without a consultation, a whole myriad of problems could arise with very serious consequences or treatment being completely ineffective.


With professional tattoo and pigment removal a patch test(s) is also part of the mandatory consultation and both determine the suitability of the client for laser treatment. Only a professional will know


·       Which ailments will not be affected by photo-exposure

·       Which ailments are contraindicated for photo-dynamic treatment

·       Which ailments will be made worse by treatment

·       Which types of disease are unsuitable for laser treatment

·       Which types of diseases are safe to treat

·       Which medications are likely to cause skin and photo-exposure reactions

·       Which method of treatment is suitable for each skin type

·       How to answer questions about laser science and anatomy and physiology




I find that when people don’t want to pay for a consultation, they are not serious about the outcome of their treatment or their health. Their only interest is paying as little money as possible without concern for possible long-term damage or problems.  


When you decide to get a tattoo you go to an artist who has been recommended to you, the artist will be in a professional environment and will be experienced and insured. You wouldn’t approach a random man you don’t know who says he’s a cheap tattoo artist and ask him to do your tattoo would you? So why would you go to an amateur laser tattoo remover that isn’t insured, has received no training, has no qualifications and is


·       unaware of the risks to the body

·       unaware of contraindications and reactions

·       unaware of the correct treating procedure

·       not operating to national laser and health and safety standards

·       unable to give you advice in the case of adverse reaction?       


Cheap amateur laser tattoo removal without a consultation is available on most high streets in the UK but the long-term price is way more expensive and can cost physical and psychological side-effects, bleeding, open wounds, burning and ultimately permanent skin damage. I’ve even known people who have spent a night in a hospital burns unit following their first amateur tattoo removal treatment.


“We are the same in aesthetic industry right now far too many people under qualified trying to make a quick buck then coming to us to ask to fix their mistakes” (extract from a Facebook comment on Liberation Tattoo Removal’s post 25/04/18 highlighting the problems caused by non-professionals)



Why wouldn’t you pay for a consultation? It’s a small price to pay for all that knowledge, security, peace of mind (and body) and the result you want.


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